Roof and skylight repair

Last week we began one of many spring projects in the works. First, we installed 3" of rigid foam insulation atop the existing asphalt roof, then covered that with .6mm TPO (rubber and PVC blend) roofing membrane. its white in color which will absorb less heat in the summer. We now have a state-of-the-art rooftop that will serve as a perfect underlay for an extensive roof garden!

This house is built solid, so adding up to 8" of soil could happen without changing the structure. I'm thinking about 30% of the roof should be a deck/cabana and the remainder becomes a lush landscape. Also having visions of a lightweight fabric privacy structure to help protect any future sunbathing.

We have ordered replacement glass skylights instead of keeping with the acrylic bubble ones. The small skylight will be operable to improve air ventilation in the summer months. And glass will let us see views of the sky all year round.

Will update with finish shots in 2 weeks, when the skylights arrive.

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