There are about 9 decades of linoleum in the kitchens... followed by
one layer of pine wood flooring!


first before and after?

I had an hour to kill today and couldn't keep my mind away from Highland. I decided to try out a simulated 'before and after' of the entry space to get a glimpse of what the foyer could look like with a new paint job and our closed off wall idea. the stain glass shown is too decorative, and the hunt is on for a more appropriate one.
Also, the stairs aren't as well done as they could be, but what would you think of a grey and white combo with a charcoal grey stair.
CLOSE in 48 HRS!


Second Floor living room

This room is the biggest room in the house, which doesn't need a ton of work. We will probably expose some brick on the wall not shown and will refinish the floors. The walls have been covered with fake wood panels that have been painted white, so new plaster could go a very long way too.


Brass Door knob

It needs a good shine but I thought it would be an easy first project
to check off the list.


welcome to three highland

Renovation of an New Amsterdam style brick row house.

Location: fort hill, boston, ma
Year Built: 1888
Sq. Ft: 3,647
Floors: 3 + finished basement
Baths: 4
Beds: 5
Units: 2

We close on the house in eight days! Now we are what they call "passing papers" before we finalize the mortgage.

During a few moments of down-time, I located some essentials for the renovation to begin as soon as possible.

- Vintage Kitchen Cabinets from - Warwich, RI
- 19th century Brass entry door knob - Somerville, MA
- 2x4 slab of soapstone - intended use unknown!
- extruded steel table without top surface - currently investigating sources for reclaimed wood.

Once the keys are in hand, I will fully document the existing conditions. And I'll be sure to photograph them in dingy black and white to make the 'Before and Afters' that much more impressive.

Thanks for visiting, and remember to follow for updates!