Kitchen epiphany

I forgot all about this giant Industrial Revolution-era table that I found in Syracuse with my roommate that sits 9'L X 3'W currently in my parents garage. It has a reclaimed feeling; it looks like whoever made it used old floor boards for the top.

The table is perfect in every way, we used it all the time for eating on, cooking on, working on, for guests to sleep on.. its a utility knife of a table, not to mention it has a bottle opener and pencil sharpener mounted to it already.

I was going back and forth between the two ideas: cabinets on the periphery OR an island. I missed the island. So here you have an idea that is not fully cooked, but basically using the table for prep/cooking and dropping a gas stove into the top of it.

the minuses:

1. having to keep the fridge in between the window and door. It would be boxed in with oak plywood to make it appear like a giant cabinet. And the enclosure could be designed to allow cubbyholes from both sides.

2. Where's the oven? Haven't found a spot for it yet, but they sell wall ovens that would definitely fit under the stove top within the table.

the pluses:

1. saving money on cabinets and counter top. using something that already exists instead of buying new.

2. It creates a place to sit in the kitchen without being at the dining table

3. It could be interesting introducing a darker wood in a mostly light wood kitchen.

I'm really looking for input here!


Plaster wall exposed

Today we decided to remove all the painted "wood" panels from a
bedroom wall that was all warped. Behind it we were expecting water
damage but instead we found a bunch of wallpaper on mint condition
plaster. We will most likely find some vintage wallpaper and redo
it. Any ideas?
Ps the ivy out this window is amazing

More layers of wallpaper


Cabinet mockup part 4

Cabinet mockup part 3

Cabinet mockup part 2

Cabinet mockup part 1

We've been trying to nail down a kitchen configuration that opens into
the dining space. I think we've found the best solution with two bars
that run parellel to the 30' room. Two 8' long 24" counters spaced
about 3'6" apart. Sink and dishwasher on the left and stove on the
right (on an island). Aligning the counters with the length of the
room feels much better than an L shape scheme. What do you think?

More vintage wallpaper

Circa 1970s

Hidden fireplace exposed.

Thinking about tiling around the brick opening and calling it

A closer look out the new kitchen window

Critical opening part 2

We finally decided to scrap ALL existing cabinets in the second floor
kitchen and open up the window that was covered by upper cabinets. The
new view is perfect and looks at a brick wall full of ivy. We will
install a new picture frame after the cabinet heights have been
determined. The room also had a hidden fireplace that will become
exposed and merely decorative. The kitchen looks and feels a lot
brighter now!

A cleaned up view of the kitchen.

We're going to try nailing down a kitchen layout today. We are torn
between an L on the left wall or a strip of counter and wall cabinets
on the left and an island in the middle. Upper cabinets are going to
be removed today or tomorrow.

A cleaned up view of the dining room


Critical openings!

A big mistake someone before us had made was covering up a six foot window in both kitchens. Although it's charming and original, it's no longer functional or weather tight. So instead there will be a large picture window to let in some western light.

The 54" cast iron sink (craigslist acquisition) will be located directly in front of the window. I also discovered that the square shaft to the right will no longer be necessary after we install a new heating system. So a corner cabinet will allow for a much simpler kitchen layout than we had originally planned.

Lots of progress seen today!

My favorite helper


Also started refinishing this cabinet

Floors formerly known as brown

Now a color known as 'pebble path' by Behr. Or, as i prefer,
'battleship lounge'. Still need to nail down a color for the walls.
(windows trim stays white) Any suggestions?

I still need to cover that long gap along the base and give the floor
a second coat


Staircase eliminated

Although Tom Sherman has given me lots of grief, the secondary stair
on the first floor is gone-zo. It just didn't work with the new two
family configuration. And look at all that brick. (I did salvage all
the treads and ballistrades for future projects)

View towards dining room (during deconstruction)

It's a much bigger room for large dinner parties

View towards kitchen (during deconstruction)

This is why we have rented a dumpster coming Monday. We are running out of room to move around easily. That's Marcos on the ladder - a craigslist find.

Fully exposed brick

The brick still needs to be wire brushed and treated with muriatic acid, but the condition they are in is great.

Imagine a bathroom here.

Meeting with a plumber tomorrow to go over rough locations of new
piping and fixtures. A lot of major demo was done today!


Vintage Wallpaper

This might be worth scanning and saving in the highland archives.

Let there be light!

By the time we finished tearing the wall out, it was late and dark but
I assure you the third floor has been much brighter since.

Half way there...

Finding metal where you expected wood

As it turns out, there were aluminum stud walls beneath the plaster.
No big deal for the Saws-All, which cut through it quickly.

Kind of strange to find a new commercial building material in an old
house. We may try to salvage the scraps for any new walls.

Ama removing the stairwell rugs

Beneath two layers of dusty carpets are wood stairs just like in the
main foyer. We will paint the treds a dark color - maybe chocolate-
and the wainscotting a light color - maybe light grey.

See the white plastered wall? That too is being removed so the
skylight on the fourth floor will let light shine onto the third floor.

View towards dining room (during deconstruction)

View towards kitchen (during deconstruction)


Partition wall to be removed - view 1 Before

A view of the wall between Kitchen and dining room on 2nd Floor.

Partition wall to be removed - view 2 before

A view from the dining room wall adjacent to kitchen


We thought we were living minimally until we saw all of our possesions
fill a 16' truck.

A preliminary design for the kitchen

Still need to adjust the counter layout and find some simple wooden
cabinets below the butcherblock. If I had a lot of money I would go
with www.kerfdesign.com but I'm going to see if I can build a similar
system myself. Ikea just isn't sustainable. Input here would be
greatly appreciated!

Anyone need a staircase?

A view in the back foyer that's soon to become part of the kitchen.
The staircase looks good with brick but it has to go - there's another
wider staircase adjacent to it and removing it makes an easy
separation between the two apartments.

Gutting the kitchen

A preview of what the construction zone looks like. I know...i still
have to draw plans for permits and show you some more photographs, but
in the last week we've been eagerly swinging hammers. It's a great
stress reducer after spending the last few days packing and unpacking.
In the meantime Ama and I are staying with Ty in Brighton.