Don't stop till you get enough

Exposing some more brick! This time in the kitchen. We planned to
strap and plaster that far wall, but it's way easier to strip it down
to the bones. We finished installing a glass door and found a transom
window that fit perfectly above it. Both items came from Building
Supply Warehouse in Peabody for a great price. Stayed tuned for a
replacement window on the right hand side.


Kitchen Final?

Now that a couple weeks have passed since our kitchen overhaul, we had a chance to reconsider the galley-type kitchen in such a large space. We did a mock up and came to the conclusion that it would take too much work to make the large reclaimed table work, and all the peripheral space around the giant table became disconnected and choppy. So yet again, we pushed the cabinets to the peripheral walls, this time moving the fridge to an inside wall, which allows more counter and cabinet space around the sink area.

Here are the three major elevations to the kitchen. Our cabinet material is between a black-finished oak, or a painted black laminate. I think we're leaning closer to the oak, since it will be a material used elsewhere. The countertops are all maple butcher block, except for the sink area, which will be in concrete (potentially pouring the slab ourselves!)

In the corner to the left of the sink, we are installing pegboard, which can be used to hang a number of things. Might even add a low shelf or two on the pegboard wall for more common items, like drinking glasses and mugs.

On the fridge wall, we are still playing with the height of the backsplash, if theres any, and the size of the glass window to the right. we're debating whether it makes sense to install an old stained glass window as opposed to glass block.

On the dining room side of the kitchen is a 3 or 4 foot counter that would be used for breakfast and more prep space for cooking.

I think i like this layout the best. what do you think?


A closer look

Sunset reflection from the hancock tower

Bedroom cabinet After

In the middle of refinishing

Billy Masterson hard at work!

Bedroom cabinet Before

In the smallest bedroom (which at one point ajoined the master
bedroom) has a little cabinet that had glossy dark lacquer all over
it. Happy with how the other bedroom cabinet came out, we stripped the
finish off.


A long week of running pipes pays off

Joe the plumber and I spent the last few days running pex tubing to
all the new radiator locations. What made it a whole lot easier was
using the old heating ducts as a chase for all of the pex, since it
runs from the basement to the top floor in one straight line. It will
also make the electrical work much easier.


Primative intercom.

Which will be fully functional once we blast the dust and crayons out
of them!

Ye Olde Number Three

Eventually, I'm going to restore the brass number on our front door
which was once painted with a '3' - what color should I have it painted?

Staying inventive is the key to success

Especially when eating Indian leftovers



Stained glass window from the side

I think I found someone who could fix this window. Those dark squares
are where someone patched the holes with xrays of a skull. And it was
a daycare before we bought it. Hmm...


Floor repair

Started infilling the wood floor where the walls separated the dining
and kitchen. 'im thinking of reusing the boards I'm pulling up to make
a counter surface for that kitchen. What do you think about wood as a
counter material?

Nearly done exposing brick!


I am starting to imagine what the view from the couch will be like.

And some more.

And did some more.

And did some more

More brick!

After removing the wall separating the kitchen and the dining room,
the horsehair plaster wall felt pretty loose and unstable. We were
intending to repair it with new strapping and plywood but the wall was
swaying back and forth telling us to take it all done. So we did.


A closer look at the wallpaper

My dad found this large roll of wallpaper that could make covering the
plaster walls in the living room much easier. What do you think?

A closer look

Finding more hardwood

We have been debating what to do with the tile in the top floor
bathroom. It was either leave it in tact or pull it up in order to
retile. Finally after removing the radiator we saw that there was a
perfectly good hardwood floor underneath. The new plan is to lightly
sand and seal the wood and not worry about the tile. A few coats of
poly will make it waterproof

By the way, the linoleum under the tile is an awesome tan and green
checker which we saved parts of and will try to reuse as a tabletop or