change of color

Taken by Mom, who is holding down the fort while I'm away.
(showing the first coat of Kilz primer) So long putty brown...


Merry Christmas!


We had the floors patched where the stairwell was on the 2nd floor)and
the treads on another staircase refinished. Both came out awesome! And
the final coat on the top floor. It's getting there!


Fredrick Bartley at 5 Highland - wherever you are, you're a GREAT MAN!
Thanks for the amazing seats!


a big week ahead

With the heat being turned on in an hour, we can resume the work that
has been postponed because of the cold weather. (painting, plastering
and flooring) Today Joe says he'll be "hackin and slashin" the old
water and waste pipes to make room for the new plastic ones. Rocky
will be buttoning up the kitchen lighting and outlets. Ma and I will
be somewhere in between. Floor guys come back Wednesday to begin the
entire second floor and touch up the third. Also doing the stair
treads! And I'm leaving for California on Thursday a.m. So the next
three days will be pedal to the metal!

Comic strip in roxbury building department.


Bought this stove off CL. Now we wait for the kitchen gas lines to be
turned on.

Ornament removal

This medicine cabinet which came with the house had a little surgery
last night... and now he's feeling much better.


A Sink!

I found this puppy at Building Materials Resource Center in the hood.
It's perfect because:
1. It ends my quest for a non-wooden surface around the sink area
(where was thinking concrete $$)
2. It's recycled
3. Stainless steel is clean and easy
4. That little pink sticker says $65

Sheet rock: up

Decided last minute to throw up some Sheetrock in our bedroom for a
nice clean slate (and liking the cool grey color of the sheet rock)
almost done upstairs? Maybe...

Mantle: in!

Where we exposed some brick in tge master bedroom, there now stands a
tall mantle that has hidden hookups for a flat screen tv. Not that I
condone TVs in the bedroom, but for some lucky bachelor/ette this will
be a baller pad!


You sexy thang you...

No not you Joe the plumber- the new high efficiency boiler is
installed! It'll be turned on next week- unless it goes back to 70
degrees in Boston.

Sheetrock stars

So were scratching the wallpaper idea. Instead the whole living room
will be sheetrocked. No more wallpapers!

Floors are being sanded

It's starting to feel like a home again! The Vietnamese and Dominican
tag team knocked out these floors in a day. The space feels so much
brighter without all that brown paint, I only wish there was a way to
keep the raw matte finish of the wood (in the last photo is them
adding a few layers of poly.) Maybe in the kitchen we should try that.


Finding more tin!

Above the old pantry on the first floor is a hidden section of tin
ceiling that's in great shape. While it might be difficult to restore
this one section, we could certainly use the crown pieces and tin
panels to repair the kitchen's tin ceiling where it has been damaged.