Kitchen epiphany

I forgot all about this giant Industrial Revolution-era table that I found in Syracuse with my roommate that sits 9'L X 3'W currently in my parents garage. It has a reclaimed feeling; it looks like whoever made it used old floor boards for the top.

The table is perfect in every way, we used it all the time for eating on, cooking on, working on, for guests to sleep on.. its a utility knife of a table, not to mention it has a bottle opener and pencil sharpener mounted to it already.

I was going back and forth between the two ideas: cabinets on the periphery OR an island. I missed the island. So here you have an idea that is not fully cooked, but basically using the table for prep/cooking and dropping a gas stove into the top of it.

the minuses:

1. having to keep the fridge in between the window and door. It would be boxed in with oak plywood to make it appear like a giant cabinet. And the enclosure could be designed to allow cubbyholes from both sides.

2. Where's the oven? Haven't found a spot for it yet, but they sell wall ovens that would definitely fit under the stove top within the table.

the pluses:

1. saving money on cabinets and counter top. using something that already exists instead of buying new.

2. It creates a place to sit in the kitchen without being at the dining table

3. It could be interesting introducing a darker wood in a mostly light wood kitchen.

I'm really looking for input here!


  1. I ain't no architect or nothin', but maybe you could detach the table from the counter and then attach a little extended drop leaf hinge to the table. This would provide easier access to the kitchen when the extra counter isn't needed. It also gives you more counter space when cooking and eating. Lookin' good, though. I hope to visit your little castle once you've cut the red ribbon!

  2. I like an island, I like the big table - you want to cut it up (with the stove)? I like having a place to sit in the kitchen - that is great. Sounds good - looks good. How did you create the renderings of the kitchen?

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  4. I'm sorry to say that the big table might not work. We couldnt find a place for the oven! Also, we did a kitchen cabinet mock up to see how they would fill the space, and the kitchen seemed too divided. So we went back to an original scheme of moving the stove to left hand wall. a tiny L will cut into the

    I'll post another rendering (done in Google SketchUp) early next week. Jen, i love your idea and i'm going to try and use it in the downstairs kitchen. Hugo, what do you think about a small L in front of the window on the right? enough for two seats, but small enough so it doesnt divide the space.
    It's getting there! kitchens are harder than i thought.

    thanks for your input you guys- keep it coming.

  5. Hi its auntie (your favorite) hope to be over
    this week with mom...looking great. Can you turn the refrigerator out and move the sink under the window (so there is refrig/small counter/sink/lazy susan/cabinet/stove w/oven small cabinet possible lazy susan into table. So you have a u shape with chairs for island