first before and after?

I had an hour to kill today and couldn't keep my mind away from Highland. I decided to try out a simulated 'before and after' of the entry space to get a glimpse of what the foyer could look like with a new paint job and our closed off wall idea. the stain glass shown is too decorative, and the hunt is on for a more appropriate one.
Also, the stairs aren't as well done as they could be, but what would you think of a grey and white combo with a charcoal grey stair.
CLOSE in 48 HRS!


  1. I like the new paint job - generally a fan of varnished wood but this givews it a stately, modern look as well as brightening the stairwell. Go for it! good luck and god bless!

  2. How did you do that?!?! Just Photoshop??